Murphy Back for ‘Beverly Hills Cop IV’


With Sylvester Stallone resurrecting his Rocky and Rambo franchises it looks like Eddie Murphy is just as keen as doing the same thing with the Beverly Hill Cop franchise as he is on board to get the fourth installment made with Paramount Pictures by chasing down producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura for the pic.

There is no script and the project is out to writers. The first two installments in the franchise each took in nearly $300 million worldwide, while the third suffered bringing in only $44 million stateside.

The big question is whether or not Murphy will keep to his family friendly ways. All three Beverly Hills Cop installments were rated R, but since Metro in 1997 Eddie has not starred in a single R-rated film as he has attempted to clean up his act.

Would a PG-13 BHC work? Doubtful.

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