Box-Office Oracle: Turkey Weekend ’06

What do I have to lose? I can stick with 007 and go down with cool points or I can turncoat and switch alliances to a freaking penguin. I’m sticking with the guy who likes killing. That’s just me. Happy Turkey Day. NOTE: Ideally these picks are for Wed-Sun so I can have off but no one around here is sure how the studios are going to report the numbers. So, what I’m saying here is if you check back on Monday and I did really well then we probably just went ahead and cheated. It’s that time of year.
#1 movie predicted correctly: ZERO Weeks In A Row
I’m back on the crashed bandwagon baby! And I’m loving every minute of it! I’m going against all logic here, the kids are home from school, families are gathered together, it’s the holiday season. My victory will be glorious. Get ’em James.
Estimate: $35.7 million
I really should see it if I’m going to keep betting against it. On the other hand I’ve constantly bet against the teeming masses that I’ve never seen, coming out on top every time.
Estimate: $32.2 million
Denzel usually draws big but this looks like an odd film releasing at an odd time.
Estimate: $16.5 million
How many D fans are there? We’ll find out this week. My guess is two million hardcore early adopters.
Estimate: $15.4 million
I can’t think of anyone who wants to see this but I tend to stay away from people eating paste.
Estimate: $14.1 million
I think he should go one step further. He should actually become Borat. Then it would start to get very interesting, and also very creepy.
Estimate: $13.7 million
I really loved this movie but I think people don’t want to be inspired. They want their paste and they want it now.
Estimate: $10.5 million
All kinds of mixed reviews coming out on this one. I’m going to see it just to see what all the fuss is about. I respond very quickly to fuss.
Estimate: $8.7 million
Santa baby, won’t you go out of theaters soon?
Estimate: $7.3 million
I miss Zooey Deschanel. The worst part is I pine and pine, and no call, no postcard, no singing telegram. Fooey on you Zooey!
Estimate: $5.8 million

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