‘Constantine 2’ is in the Works


I loved Constantine, at the time I felt I was the only person that did but it seems I am not alone as producer Lauren Shuler Donner let the cat out of the bag this weekend during the Unaccompanied Minors press junket to let us know that a Constantine 2 is planned and is currently out to a director. This bit of news is very exciting to those who liked the first one and considering I am a major fan consider me excited.

Are we ever going to see a sequel to Constantine?

Yes, you might, you might.

With Keanu?

Yes, with Keanu. We have been working with a team of writers for a story and yes, we will…

What can we look forward to in the sequel?

The area that we found is great…it’s really scary, it’s good… We are really going to go for it, it will be a hard ‘R’ and Keanu [Reeves] will be in it.

Will you be taking it to London?

No, another country though, you’re right, it’s outside of America.

Same director?

No, different director, but Francis [Lawrence] will produce it with us. We will try to maintain his vision.

[Frances Lawrence] wouldn’t be being asked for Wolverine?

Yes, we would love him for Wolverine but he won’t be available.

More to come as soon as I have time to transcribe the whole story which includes more on Constantine, Wolverine, Young Magneto and uh… a little more… maybe… Bryan Singer?

NOTE: The rest of the superhero update can be found here.

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