Box-Office Oracle: Nov. 17 – Nov. 19

Happy Feet is opening at a zillion theaters this weekend but Bond has the buzz. Besides that, am I hallucinating or didn’t the past few kid’s films under perform? We haven’t had a good action film since May, so I think the thirst is out there. This weekend it gets quenched, martini style.
#1 movie predicted correctly: One Week In A Row
I’m betting on 007. I’ll take the bullet if I’m wrong. Better to go down swinging.
Estimate: $42.8 million
I had a chance to see it and passed. I do like penguins though.
Estimate: $34.6 million
This one will still be going strong this weekend. Comedy like this stands the test of three weekends.
Estimate: $17.9 million
Okay, okay, it will beat Flushed Away without fail no matter how many times I don’t want it to. Clearly I am not in charge of box office receipts.
Estimate: $8.6 million
Happy Feet is stealing both the thunder and the theaters in a major way.
Estimate: $7.1 million
I see word of mouth being split right down the middle as this film is equally good and bad.
Estimate: $7.0 million
As much as I want this to die a painful death it can’t possibly fall out of the top ten with so few films out. By default this baddy must stay.
Estimate: $3.0 million
The Departed has been getting Oscar buzz around my neighborhood. I don’t buy it, way too hardcore.
Estimate: $2.5 million
It’s bleeding theater counts this week but revenue towards the bottom is so light that it will sneak in.
Estimate: $2.0 million
Not only did they not screen it but I also hear they are considering sending paying audiences members in to see it with a blindfold and ear protection.
Estimate: $1.3 million

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