Box-Office Oracle: Nov. 10 – Nov. 12

I’m again on a negative streak as Borat reached up and from the depths and put a whuppin’ on me. This week I’m going with the crazy Ali G guy, lesson learned. Respect.
#1 movie predicted correctly: Zero Weeks In A Row
No matter what I do it’s going to get me. It could make $50m or $25m, the 800 theaters last week produced such wacky numbers that I should just flip a coin.
Estimate: $32.9 million
It’s a better film in more theaters than SC3 so it will win. That’s just how it has to be or I’m moving to Chile.
Estimate: $13.5 million
On some level Tim Allen should be admired. If they want to keep giving him checks why shouldn’t he cash them?
Estimate: $13.0 million
It will get all those comedy dollars but I look outside, the weather is frightful, so I’m not sure the dollars are there.
Estimate: $11.8 million
I’m pleased to say I know nothing about this one. Yes kids, you too can grow up to work for a movie site.
Estimate: $8.7 million
B-Love keeps telling me to see it. Yeah, I’ve got time for three week old movies, no problem. What’s that? Oh no, I don’t. Silly Brad.
Estimate: $7.9 million
I saw the 60 minutes interview with Crowe and he clearly wanted to murder someone because Cinderella Man tanked. Lord only knows what he’ll do when this fails. Probably explode.
Estimate: $7.1 million
It will be departing from the top ten after this week. How long have I been waiting to throw that joke out? Very long.
Estimate: $4.3 million
I so wanted this to pass The Departed, if only for one week, but it looks like that dream will die this weekend.
Estimate: $4.2 million
It’s so nice to have three films within 300k of each other. That will go well for sure.
Estimate: $4.0 million

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