Heath Ledger Talks Prepping for The Joker


Daniel Robert Epstein, traditionally of SuicideGirls, sent in a link to an interview he did for Newsarama with none other than Mr. Heath Ledger and of course conversation went the way of The Dark Knight and Heath’s role as The Joker.

Ledger admits that he has never been a huge fan of comic books or comic book movies, but we knew this already, what’s new is his chat on prepping for the part and I am sure you Bat-fans will dig on some of this, here are a few snippets:

Daniel Robert Epstein: Have you started to think about how you will play The Joker?

Heath Ledger: Yeah… I definitely have an image in my head. I definitely have something up my sleeve. I want to be very sinister.

DRE: Have they given or asked you to read certain comics?

HL: “The Killing Joke” was the one that was handed to me. I think it’s going to be the beginning of The Joker. I guess that book explains a little bit of where he’s from but not too much. From what I’ve gathered, there isn’t a lot of information about The Joker and it’s left that way.

DRE: Have you done screen tests with The Joker makeup yet?

HL: No, but I did do 3-D image scanning. I don’t know what they’re doing with it. This Bat truck turned up at my place in L.A.. It had these gadgets and cameras that zoom around you and up and down you. It instantly projects a three dimensional image of you. I’ve never used anything that high tech before in a film. I felt like I was in the truck from Knight Rider.

For the rest of the interview click here.

The Dark Knight is currently eyeing a release some time in 2008.

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