Casting Couch: November 5, 2006


As I am reaching the final stages of the site overhaul I neglected to post The Casting Couch on Friday and I am here to catch you up on a few bits of news that broke since Thursday, and it includes some decent names as we begin with Lindsay Lohan, Chris Evans, Ellen Burstyn, David Strathairn and Ann-Margret. All five are attached to star in The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, a long-forgotten Tennessee Williams screenplay. The screenplay tells the story of Fisher Willow (Lohan), the disliked 1920s Memphis debutante daughter of a plantation owner with a distaste for narrow-minded people and a penchant for shocking and insulting those around her.

After returning from studies overseas, Fisher falls in love with Jimmy (Evans), the down-and-out son of an alcoholic father (Strathairn) and an insane mother who works at a store on her family’s plantation. She tries to pass him off as an upper-class suitor to appease the spinster aunt (Ann-Margret) who controls her family’s fortune, but when she loses a diamond, it places their tenuous relationship in further jeopardy. Burstyn is attached to play Fisher’s mother.

Word is production is expected to begin next year, but this is not entirely confirmed. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Next up, you thought she was gone but no, Mischa Barton is set to star in Malice in Sunderland for Simon Fellows. While I have a serious dislike for Barton as an actress this film actually sounds interesting as it is described as a contemporary take on “Alice in Wonderland.” The script was penned by Jayson Rothwell and has re-imagined Alice as an American student who is hit by a London taxi and finds herself disoriented in Sunderland, where she has to navigate a macabre underworld of characters. Fellows will shoot the film in the United Kingdom beginning early next year. [Production Weekly]

Rodrigo Santoro, Paz Vega and Shakira are set to star in Alfonso Arau’s romantic epic Dare to Love Me. The pic is set in the seedy underworld of 1920s Buenos Aires, Tango legend Carlos Gardel is involved in a torrid love affair with a prostitute and sees his life shattered when a bullet takes her life and pierces his own flesh. Remaining in his lung for the rest of his life, the bullet serves as an eternal reminder of his pain and loss. Finding his way to the exciting Paris of the 1930s, Carlos seduces the crowds with his enchanting voice, bringing Tango music as a liberating force to Europe. Amidst this backdrop of free-spirited decadence and corruption, a mysterious woman enters his life and changes him forever, turning his beautiful sorrow into a musical legend. Jeremy Leven penned the screenplay and production is scheduled to begin on location in Romania this spring. [Production Weekly]

Amanda Bynes is attached to play the title role in Sydney White and the Seven Dorks for Joe Nussbaum. The pic is described as an updated version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Bynes would play the part of Rachel, she rules the Kappa Phi Sorority, she’s the reigning #1 hottie on UPAC’s “hot or not” website, she is used to being the fairest of them all, her sorority sisters are more like servants than friends. She judges pledges based on the blondeness of their hair, their family’s net worth and their political connections, so it drives her insane when Sydney White, the daughter of a plumber (and a brunette, no less), challenges Rachel’s status on campus and steals Rachel’s would-be boyfriend Blaine, the President of the Tri Omega Fraternity, away from her. Filming is schedule to get underway in January in Florida from the Chad Creasey script. [Production Weekly]

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