‘Superman Returns’ Sequel Gets the Green


So, Superman Returns finally hit the $200 million dollar mark at the box-office recently and word out of Variety and all around the Net is that Bryan Singer has signed on to direct and produce a sequel to the superhero flick for Warner Bros. with Legendary Pictures expected to co-finance.

The pic is tentatively scheduled for a summer 2009 release but without a script, budget or an official green light the word “tentative” seems to be stressed. The film is in the early stages of development and the concern is keeping the budget down and upping the action quotient as word is spreading that the budget must remain below $200 million, $70 million less than that of Superman Returns a film that carried rumors that it’s budget had ballooned north of $300 million. The studio reports a budget of $209 million after tax rebates and incentives but apparently that number excludes more than $40 million in development costs.

Beyond Singer’s involvement and Warner’s option for star Brandon Routh nothing else is confirmed including the return of scripters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris who penned Superman Returns based on a story they created with Singer.

Stay tuned as I am sure this is not the end of the news on this production.

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