Theron is Joined By Four ‘In Seattle’


Charlize Theron‘s little bedtime buddy, Stuart Townsend, has written himself a script and will direct said script with his girlfriend to star as The Battle in Seattle just found itself four more actors.

Townsend penned the script, a political actioner set against the backdrop of the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle. During the five-day WTO meeting, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Seattle. What started out as a peaceful protest intended to stop the talks escalated into a riot and eventual state of emergency, with the National Guard called in. Townsend will use some actual footage of the riots. The film will use interlocking strands to tell the story of the WTO meeting and ensuing riots from various perspectives, such as those of protesters, pedestrians, politicos, police and WTO delegates.

Theron will star along with Andre Benjamin (aka rapper Andre 3000), Martin Henderson, Woody Harrelson and Ray Liotta. The film marks Townsend’s directorial debut and a November star is already in place. I can only assume this bad boy will be filming in my backyard here in the big Northwest, only hope I can get a few snapshots of Theron in the process.

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