Box-Office Oracle: Oct. 20 – Oct. 22


I’m betting on an adorable horse to beat the Boston mob to keep my streak alive. Pray for me.

#1 movie predicted correctly: Six Weeks In A Row

1. Flicka $12.8m

I’m as shocked as you are. To be betting my streak on Flicka feels very dirty and wrong. The problem is the theater counts are there and the little girls will be going. What can I do? I have to do what the little excel sheet crystal ball tells me.

2. The Departed $12.1m

The good news is The Departed will stay in a strong second and reaffirm its position as well done. I’ve been accused of being overly critical in my review but I still think they had a once in a decade film in there somewhere instead of the once in a month one delivered.

3. The Prestige $11.3m

This one could end up anywhere. Who knows? Magic doesn’t play well, Bale was Batman and S-Jo was named the sexiest gal by Esquire. I haven’t even mentioned Hugh Jackman. This one should make money right?

4. The Grudge 2 $10.3m

Word of mouth is going to slaughter it. That’s all I’m saying.

5. Flags of our Fathers $9.2m

Really depressing, not uplifting in the slightest. Don’t go to this if you need lifting up, go instead if you need to be pushed down.

6. Marie Antionette 6.0m

This is the movie I most want to see on the board. They wouldn’t let me go, Brad only. Thanks guys!

7. Man of the Year $5.8

I predict word of mouth won’t be helping out this wobbly little politico humoroso. I’m not even sure what language those last two words are.

8. Open Season $4.6m

This will be hurt by Flicka a bit but the little male humans should still be interested.

9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning $4.2m

The other one I’d really like to see is Little Children. It screened today. I didn’t get to see it. Thanks guys!

10. The Marine $3.0m
Not sure if I could have screened this but I probably wouldn’t have. Hmm, maybe I’m partly to blame in this equation.

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