Eddie Murphy has Found His Niche


It is easy for me to bash Eddie Murphy because I have not enjoyed any of his recent films outside of him voicing Donkey in the Shrek films, but I have to say his films have garnered some coin. Recent $100+ million films include Daddy Day Care, Dr. Dolittle 2 and The Nutty Professor II. Granted, this dates back to 2000 and inside that time he has four bonafide stinkers. Murphy was once the rude and crude and now he is all about the kiddies, but I can’t help but think his decision to star in Starship Dave is a bad one. Especially since it sounds like a sequel to his poorest performing film of all time, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, a film reportedly budgeted at $100 million that brought in $4.4 million at the box. Yeah, that’s bad. It is no surprise Warner Bros. isn’t the studio on board with this title. Best of luck Fox.

Anyway, the news here is that the production lost its helmer in Peter Segal, the man behind the atrocious Longest Yard remake. Perhaps this is a good thing, perhaps not. Replacing him is Brian Robbins, who recently directed the critically panned Shaggy Dog and Eddie’s next feature Norbit. If you haven’t figured it out yet I am a bit jaded toward these stupid sketch comedy films. I fell for the first Nutty Professor, but the rest of this is just garbage.

As for what Starship Dave is all about the story follows the of a crew of miniature, human-looking aliens who are seeking a way to save their doomed world. Murphy will play the human spacecraft they travel in (Starship Dave) as well as the ship’s captain. Oh boy, can’t wait to skip this one.

Filming is expected to begin March 2007. Feel free to bash me or side with me in the comments below.

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