Four New Names Join ‘Death Sentence’


James Wan’s Death Sentence has added four new names to the cast as John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, Matthew O’Leary and Leigh Whannell have joined the production which includes Kevin Bacon, Aisha Tyler and Kelly Preston.

The pic centers on John Hume (Bacon) whose son is killed by a group of gang-bangers leaving his life in ruins. His one salve is that the killer was caught at the crime scene, but when the justice department offers up 6 months in prison as retribution, he knows there must be something better, something that will allow his family to move on. Surprising himself, he retracts his testimony as the lone witness, essentially killing the case, and begins to look for another means for justice. It comes to him in the form of violence, which simultaneously gives him the relief he’s looking for and puts his family on a path towards death, as the rest of the gang comes looking for their revenge.

Goodman will play Bones Darly, an arms dealer and the boss of a drug ring that includes his two sons, Billy (Hedlund) and Joe (O’Leary). Whannell plays Stink, one of the gang members.

Filming is underway in Columbia, S.C. and the pic will be released in 2007 from 20th Century Fox.

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