Box-Office Oracle: Oct. 6 – Oct. 8


Ooooh, baby I love your way. Everyday. I want to tell you I love your way. Everyday! I hope that’s now in your head, it’s been stuck in mine for years.

#1 movie predicted correctly: Four Weeks In A Row

1. The Departed $21.4m

There is no chance this loses this weekend because the competition is also rated R or not in enough theaters. It’s a gimme. Thank goodness, The Oracle needs lay-ups and this movie deserves a win too. It’s feel good all around.

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning $15.1m

We’ve waited a long time to see the beginning of the massacre and finally the day is here. Mazeltov.

3. Open Season $13.8m

When will this merciless onslaught against hunters end? They are people too. How about a kid’s hunting movie?

4. The Guardian $10.7m

You know you’d let Ashton drown. C’mon, admit it. Come clean. Oh sure, you might act like you were trying to save him, but everyone would know the deal. The water would slowly creep over his head and you’d smile inwardly .

5. Employee of the Month 8.4m

The premise alone is sort of dumb. Someone would only date someone else if they were the employee of the month? I know it’s a comedy and all but still, they’ve sort of lost me right off the bat.

6. Jackass: Number Two 8.0m

Will there be a third installment? You’d think so, it’s made tons of cash and couldn’t have cost much to make. Just bandages and insurance policies. The grand old movie house Paramount must be so proud.

7. School for Scoundrels $5.2

B-Love said Heder was done for and it’s starting to feel prophetic. B-Love, try the weather next bro.

8. Jet Li’s Fearless $2.6m

I don’t get the ‘Deal or no Deal’ show. It’s like flipping coins for money. Plus they use people’s natural sense of optimism against them. Why not just run into a brick wall full speed for money? That would be fun for me to watch at least.

9. The Illusionist $1.6m

‘The Office’ on the other hand keeps getting better. I never thought I’d like this one as much as the Brit version but here I am, heart in hand.

10. Little Miss Sunshine $1.3m

The plucky little film that’s been out forever. It all comes crashing down next weekend. Ciao Bella.

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