Box-Office Wrap-Up: Sep. 22 – Sep. 24


A new streak has begun. Start betting on the Oracle again.

#1 movie predicted correctly: Three Weeks In A Row

1. Jackass Number Two $28.1m (My rank:#1, $2.2m Off)
Complete destruction here. The people want to be grossed out and shocked. Actuall, this would explain some of our political choices.

2. Jet Li’s Fearless $10.5m (My rank:#4, $3.8m Off)

A second film in double digits; and almost a third one too. You can hear it like a whisper on the wind.. Oscar… Oscar.

3. Gridiron Gang $9.7m (My rank:#3, $1.6m Off)

If people want football movies about prisoners I think it might be time to greenlight that Maurice Clarett story.

4. Flyboys $6.0m (My rank:#2, $3.4m Off)

I clearly scared people away from this one. If the Flyboyz people would have called me maybe we could have worked something out.

5. Everyone’s Hero $4.7m (My rank:#7, $1.0m Off)

This just stays around like old takeout. No one wants to throw it away, no one really wants to eat it. At midnight, when drunk, someone does.

6. The Black Dahlia $4.4m (My rank:#5, $1.8m Off)

It has done well enough to merit discussion, it beat the pants off of Hollywood Land. If you’re keeping track at home people want movies about dead vixens but not men who look a lot like Superman.

7. All the King’s Men $3.8m (My rank:#6, $1.6m Off)

Clearly I didn’t inspire people to see this. The the King’s Men people would have called me we couldn’t have worked anything out.

8. The Covenant $3.3m (My rank:#8, $.1m Off)

I made covenant not to see it and I’ve stuck by it. About the other thing, “leading the chosen people,” no can do.

9. The Illusionist $3.2m (My rank: Not Ranked)

Spun a web on the competition to finish ninth! OR… The number one film with Edward Norton this weekend! See, I missed my calling as a corporate shill.

10. Little Miss Sunshine $2.8m (My rank: Not Ranked)

Hmm.. that last two not ranked. These small fry are a bummer. Thursday I predict all over again, the cycle of life.

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