‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Going Beyond Three Movies?


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest made $418 million at the domestic box-office and over $1 billion worldwide. It is sure to make a boat load of money when it hits DVD on December 5 and there is no telling just how much money the third film in the franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, will make, but could the franchise go beyond three movies?

Back in June Johnny Depp was quoted in an article in Newsweek saying, “[Captain Jack]’s a blast to play… I’ll be in a deep, dark depression saying goodbye to him. I’ll keep the costume and just prance around the house, entertain the kids… Maybe ‘Pirates 4, 5 and 6’,” he says. “If they had a good script, why not? I mean, at a certain point, the madness must stop, but for the moment, I can’t say that he’s done.”

It wouldn’t be a shock to me if the execs over at Disney dropped their jaws when they hear that superstar Johnny Depp wants to play Captain Jack Sparrow beyond three movies, and today, in an article at Sawf there is a report saying that Mark Zoradi, president of the Disney Motion Pictures Group said, “The third film… will conclude the initial Pirates trilogy, though it is unlikely to be the last Pirates sequel.”

The quote is said to come from London’s Daily Mail, but I was not able to find it referenced anywhere on their site.

The real question will be whether or not the stories will include Captain Jack. Of course, if you have Johnny Depp at your disposal as one of the most loved characters in recent cinematic history you would be inclined to use him, but I can only see a change in lead characters making the franchise continually successful.

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