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First off, stop mentioning Internet buzz and the failure of Snakes on a Plane in the same articles. Snakes on a Plane didn’t do well because it is just one of those movies that people don’t mind waiting three months for the DVD. The film received several positive reviews from a variety of sources and everyone knew what the movie was, they were going to go if they were interested or not. If anything New Line is lucky there was such massive Internet buzz or SOAP may have brought home $3.5 million instead of $33.5 million and we all know it is going to fare well on home video.

As for our story, The Hollywood Reporter tells us Snakes star Samuel L. Jackson has signed a two-year, first-look production deal with New Line Cinema. The large reason for the deal was due to Jackson’s resume which includes anything from popcorn flicks like Snakes to his serious dramas, which include the upcoming Black Snake Moan.

The site goes on to say that Jackson will be making movies with a mix of starring vehicles and ones that his company develops. Sources say he will be very hands-on with material.

It is no secret that Jackson loves to make movies and if the material appeals to him he will go for it regardless of what people say. In an interview I had with Jackson during this year’s Comic Con he spoke out on the issue saying, “I feel sorry for all those people who questioned my integrity for doing something like [Snakes]… I’ve read that stuff and its fine, people are entitled to their opinions but it’s a sad state of affairs when you’re going to tell me that an actor of my status shouldn’t do something like that. I’m an actor. I do the kind of films I want to do and enjoyed going to the movies and watching movies like that when I was a kid.” I think we can all relate to that.

You can get the full THR article here and also check out the new trailer for his upcoming war drama Home of the Brave here.

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