Ledger Might be Right as The Joker Afterall


ComingSoon.net has found a few quotes from Heath Ledger talking about his upcoming role as The Joker in the Batman Begins follow-up The Dark Knight. I will admit, after first hearing of the casting I was a bit taken aback, but it sounds like Ledger has a good idea of the character he wants to play and as long as director Christopher Nolan keeps the mood of the follow-up the same as he had in Batman Begins I am already gettign psyched for this film.

First, from the Toronto Sun:

Come January, he starts playing the Joker, in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film The Dark Knight. “It’s definitely going to stump people. I think it’ll be more along the lines of how the Joker was meant to be in the comics, darker and more sinister.”

Sinister and darker, now that is what I want to hear.

From the Toronto Star:

I wouldn’t have thought of me, either. But it’s obviously not going to be what Jack Nicholson did. It’s going to be more nuanced and dark and more along the lines of a Clockwork Orange kind of feel. Which is, I think, what the comic book was after: less about his laugh and more about his eyes.

“Along the lines of A Clockwork Orange.” Son of a bitch he just sold me.

The Dark Night begins filming next year for a 2008 release.

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