‘Mummy 3’ is on the Way, but not as ‘Mummy 3’


News has come from two sources, gossip site TMZ and Production Weekly that Brendan Fraser has signed on to star in the third installment in The Mummy series of films. Word is that Jurassic Park III helmer Joe Johnston has been approached to direct with hopes of early next year.

As for the story, neither source has that news, but TMZ does tell us that the studio has promised producers that it will not be called The Mummy 3.

Apparently Hollywood is beginning to think that when a sequel is immediately labeled a sequel it is far less intriguing. Hence such titles as Rocky Balboa instead of Rocky VI.

All that is known is that Alfred Gough and Miles Millar penned the script which is said to reimagine the Stephen Sommers story with Fraser set to reprise his role as the Foreign Legion soldier Rick O’Connell. There was no word on Rachel Weisz or any of the rest of the cast returning.

Fraser will begin work on The Mummy 3 (oops, I mean the movie that is not The Mummy 3) after he completes filming on Inkheart.

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