Box-Office Oracle: Sep. 7, 2006 – Sep. 9, 2006


This is the weakest box office weekend I’ve ever seen. More people will file for divorce or win the lottery than will catch a movie this weekend. Sadly I have to predict this monster, where a paltry $1m dollars could mean the difference between me being dead on or five slots off. Yay!

#1 movie predicted correctly: Zero Weeks In A Row

1. The Covenant $12.0m

It’s at the most theaters (by far) of the new releases… here’s hoping somebody knows something to release it that wide. If not I may never pick another weekend winner again. Funky.

2. The Protector $8.5m

This will make the most dollars per theater but it’s not playing anywhere. Look around. You see it? I thought not.

3. Invincible $8.0m

An absolute scourge on my soul, winning the last two weekends despite my protestations. People fell for this heartfelt tale hook, line, and sinker.

4. Hollywoodland $6.2m

I see absolutely no reason to see it. The other guy on this site saw it. He said it was slow. I just don’t think people are pining for 50’s murder mystery fare, not here and not with Black Dahlia either.

5. The Illusionist $5.3m

I liked it, and it’s probably in the running for the best film in the current top ten. That puts it somewhere in the top 1000 for the year. No, only kidding, it’s a good flick and if you are going to see one you’d be well served here.

6. Crank 4.9m

People wanted nothing to do with this actioner last weekend, though I’m not sure why. Maybe the plot looked hopelessly hokey? That’s never stopped anyone before. Call me stupefied.

7. Wicker Man $4.2

I don’t have much to say about this one other than even the trailers looked horrid. When a marketing department can’t find two good minutes the ship officially BE sinking.

8. Little Miss Sunshine $4.1m

When I saw the little girl from this appear at the MTV VMA’s I officially knew this cute little indy was headed to the “overhyped” side. It’s like once a year the powers that be decide to over-reward one film because they ignored all the rest of the worthy ones.

9. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby $3.8m

Most likely the last weekend in the top ten and currently the funniest blockbuster of the year. What does that mean? Well, it hasn’t been a banner year for comedy I guess. Not a lot of new release bullets out there left to fire either.

10. Barnyard: The Original Party Animals $3.6m

I’ve never heard anyone talk about this one in any capacity. Did anyone who was not a parent see it? Maybe animation students? I don’t think I’d see this unless I had a kid I really hated.

We’ll recap this thing Sunday night, if I don’t pick the winner correctly I’ll be busting out my new Oracle crystal ball. The old one will be thrown at Mark Wahlberg’s head.

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