The Casting Couch: Sep. 6, 2006


Variety starts things off today as we learn that Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz will be starring together in A Little Game for director Gabriele Muccino and Focus Features. The romantic-comedy finds the two playing an engaged Manhattan couple who devise an experiment to see how their friends feel about the relationship. They discover their friends believe them to be a poor match, and there are consequences. The film will begin shooting in New York next month. Carrey and Diaz starred together in The Mask back in 1994. [Variety]

Seann William Scott is in talks to star in the comedy Big Brother for director Luke Greenfield. The story follows a selfish businessman who’s forced to participate in the Big Brother program and is paired with a tough teen. The two loathe each other, but they develop a twisted father/son relationship once the businessman begins teaching the youth all of the immoral things he used to get ahead in business. The picture is eyeing a January 2007 start. [Production Weekly]

Matthew Broderick and Sophie Okonedo are set to star in Wonderful World for director Joshua Goldin. The film is about a cynical divorcee who starts a relationship with an African woman. [Production Weekly]

Not really “casting” news, but the final story comes from Empire Online telling us that Bruce Feristein has been brought on to rewrite the film adaptation of “The A-Team.” Apparently Feristein’s script will replace the several that have been written to date and Empire goes on to say that we should not expect to see the movie before 2008. [Empire Online]

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