Sarandon and Evans Join Theron in ‘Seattle’


No Casting Couch today as news remains slow after the Labor Day weekend, but Production Weekly does bring us one little tidbit as we learn that Susan Sarandon and Chris Evans are in negotiations to join Charlize Theron in writer/director and Theron squeeze Stuart Townsend’s little outing called Battle in Seattle.

The site reports the following:

The documentary-style film will focus on a dozen characters swept up in the protests, which brought the World Trade Organisation’s meeting to a halt. Between 40,000 and 60,000 people protested against the WTO’s Third Ministerial on November 30, 1999. They converged on Seattle to express their concerns about the power of corporations, globalization, and the gap between fantasies of the good life and the real lives of working people everywhere. Theron is expected to play Lou, a pregnant bystander who loses her child in the melee of protests and regards events with some objectivity. Sarandon is set to play a newscaster who sympathizes with the demonstrators and turns on her editor after he over-sensationalizes what she reports.

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