The Covenant vs. The Lost Boys


Well, I guess I wasn’t seeing things when I said earlier today that The Covenant looked a lot like The Lost Boys. Today my local Sony rep sent over a little comparison of the two films that pretty much seals the deal, check it out below.

SETTINGCliffside beach town on West Coast complete with a light houseCliffside beach town on East Coast complete with a light house
MEMBERSVampire gang of four who prowl the boardwalk at nightGang of four who belong to a supernatural legacy and have been friend since childhood
SPECIAL POWERSNever grow old. Never die. The power to do anything they want
NEW KID IN TOWNMichael and Sam Emerson who move to town after parents divorceChase and Sarah who both transfer in from other schools
MODE OF TRANSPORTATIONMotorcyclesDucatti Motorcycle
DEATH DEFYING ACTSJump from bridge unharmedJump off cliff without a scratch
KOOKY CHARACTERSMichael’s Grandpa who has a passion for taxidermyCranky caretaker
THE HUNKMichael (Jason Patric) is the sexy new hunk in townCaleb (Steven Strait) is the sexy leader of his gang of friends
PARTY SCENEBonfire concert near the boardwalkBonfire on the beach broken up by the cops
SECRET LAIROld hotel that fell apart during an earthquakeCaleb’s stone-walled basement
MOTHERSRecently divorced, raising sons on her own without any father figureSingle Mom raising son on her own without any father figure
TOWN HISTORYSanta Clara is know as the “Murder Capital of the World”The Ipswitch colony hosted the witch trials/burnings, as well as a history about five witching families

The Covenant is set to hit theaters on September 8, click here for pics and trailers.

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