Theron Workin’ for the Boyfriend


Man, the idea that Charlize Theron is going to be working on a movie called Battle in Seattle, a film about the WTO meeting in Seattle, just gets me a little giddy.

I met Charlize the same weekend I met Keira Knightley and as cool as it was to meet Keira meeting Charlize really introduced me to a true movie star. Charlize is beauty personified. She wakes up beautiful and it isn’t a challenge.

Theron is set to star in a film called Battle in Seattle, a film scripted by her boyfriend Stuart Townsend, a film to be directed by Townsend as the set to tell the story of the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle in 1999 as an eclectic group of demonstrators, include environmental activists, doctors, anarchists, attorneys, eco-terrorists and just plain folks, brought our city to a state of near-chaos, and chases the WTO straight out of town.

If Charlize is coming to town I better be told!

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