Box-Office Wrap-Up: Aug 25 – Aug 27


After 9 weeks in a row of joy The Oracle finally whiffed, and I knew it by Friday night, before the first night’s returns were even in. How? Rated R. Beerfest was rated R. No Rated R movie wins a weekend!! How did I forget this simple and easy fact? I have no idea. I blame the system or my general trend of failure.

1. Invincible $17.0m (My rank:#2, $1.3m Off)
I really wasn’t that far off on this one, I just got crushed by not picking it first. Live and learn I guess, or barring that, live and let die.

2. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby $8.0m (My rank:#4, $.9m Off)

Again, not too far off on the dollars… This will be the message I stick to throughout this recap, like a politician staying on message.

3. Little Miss Sunshine $7.5m (My rank:#6, $1.0m Off)

I’m thrilled this one keeps rising, a beautiful move releasing it when absolutely nothing is out.

4. Beerfest $6.5m (My rank:#1, $9.5m Off)

Maybe the largest whiff of all time, not by dollars, but by overall spirit of the pick. I take full blame, Brad even told me Invincible would win.

5. Accepted $6.4m (My rank: Not Ranked)

Just when I think my beating is over this comes along. Not ranked. Fantastic. In my defense about a million total dollars separates fourth from tenth in this Oracle nightmare.

6. World Trade Center $6.3m (My rank:#5, $.5m Off)

You’ve got to hand it to the Disney football thing, they can truly say they dominated the weekend and lable that little monster “heartwarming.” WTC is the real heartwarming tale here though so all the credit I gave for Little Miss Sunshine I’m taking away for this one never capturing a weekend title.

7. Step Up $6.1m (My rank:#10, $1.2m Off)

It has great legs and is standing the test of time like a champ. Between that and its A rating on the site you have to tip your cap and call it a winner, perhaps eating a little crow (mostly Brad dining for his D+).

8. Idlewild $5.8m (My rank: DEAD ON)

How about that? Just when you think I should retire I hit Idlewild‘s place and dollar amount right on the button. As Keith Jackson would say, “My, Oh My!”

9. Snakes on a Plane $5.8m (My rank:#7, $.4m Off)

This is a really sad tale of a movie that burned out too quick, much like the former planet Pluto.

10. Barnyard: The Original Party Animals $5.4m (My rank:#9, $.3m Off)

To focus on the bright side I was within $1.3m on eight of ten movies so I’m keeping my Oracle card. See you Thursday when I start a new streak.

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