Jessica Alba Loses a Tooth… Seriously!


Okay, this is a story I never thought I would report but it is true as The Sunday Morning Herald out of Australia is reporting a story that broke on the TV show Extra that Jessica Alba lost a tooth while shooting sex scenes for her new movie, the romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck, because the romp was so violent.

Alba is making the film with Dane Cook and told Extra that the frantic scenes left her nursing a sore mouth saying, “We shot all our love scenes in one day and I actually lost a tooth. I chipped a tooth as well so I need to get that fixed. Isn’t that disgusting?

“We were smashing our faces together and it just happened. It’s not the slowest, most romantic of love scenes. Dane’s a wild one.”

In the film Cook plays a handsome but self-involved dentist who discovers that every woman he goes out with meets her soul mate immediately after dating him, keeping him free to continue playing the field. But the blessing turns into a curse when he meets his true love (Alba).

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