‘Beerfest’ and ‘Covenant’ Online Fun


Bored on a Thursday? Well I have a couple of online games here that should keep you busy for about five minutes at least.

First off in celebration of the Warner Bros. release Beerfest, which hits screens tomorrow you can play the Beer Goggle game over at the official site. Will you bag an uggo or take home a hottie? Click the pic below to test your skills.

Secondly we have a little bit more of an action game as Sony has launched their game for their upcoming release The Covenant. In this one-on-one fighting game the five families of Ipswich are forced to fight, and each character has a special power. So take on your foes as either Caleb, Tyler, Pogue, Chase or Reid and form your own covenant to use a variety of moves and skills to defeat your opponent. Click the pic below to get started.

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