Box-Office Wrap-Up: Aug 18 – Aug 20


Snakes underperformed against my modest projection but still managed to squeak out a win. The question now is will Snakes be lauded as the top dog or will people see this for the weak showing it was?

#1 movie predicted correctly: Nine Weeks In A Row

1. Snakes on a Plane $15.3m (My rank:#1, $3.0m Off)

My guess was $18.3m, and I’m pretty happy I went low. This is the final ringing verdict that Internet buzz on a project doesn’t really matter, or does it mean that they didn’t release it soon enough to capture the audience? I’m betting it wouldn’t have mattered when they released it, a funny title doesn’t mean people will see your movie. Either way, I still called it at number one, just wish it could have done a tad better so I could really gloat.

2. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby $14.1m (My rank:#2, $2.7m Off)
Ricky Bobby still has box-office pull. Yeah, it couldn’t hold off Snakes, but considering the showing Snakes had I wouldn’t call it much of a defeat. We also have to consider it is Ricky’s third week, he will probably beat Snakes in seven days. Hiss, hiss… Shake and Bake!

3. World Trade Center $10.8m (My rank:#5, $1.4m Off)

It did really well on word of mouth, very impressive America. The budget here was $65m (production, not marketing) and they’ve made $45m off it so far. All in all, it looks like a modest financial success, certainly not the bloodbath that other 9/11 flick faced. We just may see more films with meaning yet.

4. Accepted $10.1m (My rank:#3, $1.0m Off)

Nothing shocking, a typical number and now will never be heard from again. I want something better out of Justin Long going forward or I’m going have to start keeping him after class.

5. Step Up $9.8m (My rank:#4, $.9m Off)

This one had huge internet buzz and actually banked it (unlike that reptile one). I think this was the most popular Rope title over the last few months, it was between that and Karate Kid 3.

6. Barnyard: The Original Party Animals $7.4m (My rank:#8, $2.7m Off)

Man, I read $4.7 instead of $7.4. I seriously think I might have a learning disability. I still want credit for this one, no way you can hate on me for not being able to read.

7. Little Miss Sunshine $5.6m (My rank: NOT RANKED)

Hey, what are you doing here? I liked this one, reviewed it, interviewed the directors, and yet when I saw the theater count I discounted it. In hindsight, that was dumb.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest $5.0m (My rank:#7, $.3m Off)

It feels like this has been out forever. I’ve run out of fun things to say about it. I do believe it will be out of the top ten after this weekend and then we can begin the long national wait for numero tres.

9. Material Girls $4.6m (My rank:#6, #3.4m Off)

The Duff girls couldn’t get it done and now you’ve got to wonder if we’ll see old Hillary on Cinemax in a few years, maybe in something like “Cheerleader Confessionals”. Here’s hoping!

10. Pulse $3.5m (My rank:#10, $.2m Off)

I had it dead, and it died. Now, I want to see all of you back here on Friday morning where I’ll go for the first double digit streak of my young Oracle career.

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