Delpy Booked for ‘2 Days in Paris’


Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are two of my favorite films. They have such an atmosphere about them that not only are they two great love stories they also are great tours of Vienna and Paris as we don’t typically get to see them. Hopefully Julie Delpy‘s next jaunt into Paris will be much the same as she wrote and will direct 2 Days in Paris.

Delpy will also star in the feature opposite Adam Goldberg in the European romantic comedy set over a 48-hour period in the City of Lights. Delpy’s original screenplay portrays two days in the relationship of an extremely neurotic New York-based couple. She stars as French photographer Marion, while Goldberg plays American interior designer Jack.

The stressed-out couple make a misguided attempt to re-infuse their relationship with romance in Paris — Marion’s birthplace as well as the home of several of her ex-boyfriends and high-maintenance, non-English-speaking parents.

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