The Rat Tackles ‘Boys from Brazil’


Following X-Men 3 Brett Ratner is filming Rush Hour 3, but after that he is now set to take on a remake of the 1978 thriller The Boys from Brazil for New Line Cinema.

The original film is based on the Ira Levin novel, which had Laurence Olivier uncovering a diabolical plot by Nazis in South America to revive the Third Reich through the use of cloning. Gregory Peck played Dr. Josef Mengele, the plot’s mastermind.

Richard Potter and Matthew Stravitz will write the script. The two writers pitched the story to follow much along the same lines as the novel only the action will be set in present day.

“The original was a flawed film with a brilliant concept,” Ratner told Variety. “You no longer have to spend time explaining cloning as you did then.”

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