VIDEO: ‘Snakes on a Plane’ Clips are Here!


What do you get when you cross Snakes on a Plane with If you said Seven Mutha F**kin’ Clips from Snakes on a F**king Plane then you would be correct!

New Line Cinema has just granted us permission to show for you seven clips from Snakes on a Plane along with a “Snakes Rule” TV Spot, so take in the glory by clicking on any one of the pictures below or right here to get started.

Snakes on a Plane hits theaters on August 18 and is rated R for intense sequences of terror/violence, language, a scene of sexuality and drug use. You can also check out my interview with Sam Jackson right here.

TV SPOT: “Snakes Rule”

CLIP 1: Enough

CLIP 2: Scenario

CLIP 3: Angry Mob

CLIP 4: Fighting the Snake

CLIP 5: Blowtorch

CLIP 6: Get Upstairs

CLIP 7: It’s Safer

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