F*ck! Jason Statham is a ‘Crank’!


I got this little MP3 sent to me yesterday, but I didn’t want to just post it as an MP3 stand alone so I took it a step further and had a little fun with it as Lionsgate has sent out an expletive laden montage of Jason Statham as Chev Chelios in the upcoming actioner Crank, which hits theaters on September 1.

Basically it is just an experiment to see how many times the word… fuck can be used in one minute and I didn’t count but perhaps some off you can. I have thrown up the Age Gate Verification on this bad boy so you little kiddies stay away and don’t try to cheat the system because Uncle Brad knows who you are… Mu hu ha ha ha….

Click here or on the pic above to listen to the clip and then check out the gallery as I have uploaded a TON of new images along with the brand new poster, which you see below.

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