‘X3’ Tapped for October DVD


The Hollywood Reporter has done a little DVD digging as they announced the release date of the X-Men: The Last Stand DVD as October 3.

The article details the special features of the disc as follows:

· Three alternative endings, each with optional commentary by director Brett Ratner
· 10 deleted scenes
· Audio commentaries from Brett Ratner, the writers and the producers
· Preview of A Night at the Museum
· Two Easter Eggs: “Beast reciting Shakespeare” and “The X-Jet landing in Washington”

I am sure there is more to come as those are the features on the single-disc edition. There will also be a double disc collectors edition that is said to include an exclusive 100-page commemorative book with an all-new story penned by Marvel Comics master Stan Lee.

On top of that announcement we also get word that DreamWorks will be releasing Over the Hedge on October 17.

Beyond that some speculation was made on several other summer titles including Mission: Impossible III, Click and The Break-Up as most likely contenders for October releases while Superman Returns, The Da Vinci Code and Cars will most likely hit shelves in November.

The one date that still remains in question is when Buena Vista will toss Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest in stores… I think it is an easy candidate for a pre-Christmas release, it would sell like gangbusters.

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