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Don’t get too comfortable with an article of this nature, I wish I had the time to do updates on individual actors, and who knows maybe in the future I will, or perhaps one of you out there would like to begin writing articles and will send one in one day and find yourself writing for RopeofSilicon. Hmmmm, now there is an idea.

As for this article Variety gave a quick update on Brad Pitt‘s career as he is now officially signed on to star in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which reteams him with his Fight Club director David Fincher. Cate Blanchett also stars in the pic, which finds Pitt as a man who hits age 50 and begins aging backward. Complications ensue when he falls in love with a woman of 30.

That film is expected to begin filming this fall.

Pitt is, of course, also signed on to star in Ocean’s Thirteen, will next be seen in Babel (which also stars Blanchett), just wrapped The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, is producing A Mighty Heart for his love muffin and world activist Angelina Jolie and is reportedly circling State of Play for Universal Pictures.

That last one there, State of Play, is an adaptation of a British miniseries in which Pitt would play a journalist and former campaign manager of a fast-rising politician who unravels a murder conspiracy involving his former boss. Matthew Carnahan is penning that script.

Finally, Pitt is also attached to The Sparrow, which is based on a book by Mary Doria Russell. It takes place in the not to distant future, where the people of Earth have heard radio signals coming from another planet and while the UN is arguing over whether to send a mission, the Vatican does and they send a group of priests and they make first contact. Pitt would star as one of the priests.

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