Richard Kelly Steps into ‘The Box’


Thanks to the fact that I was covering the 2006 Comic-Con solo I missed quite a bit, but thankfully had the convention covered from top to bottom with new fewer than four fellas and they caught word on Richard Kelly‘s next flick following his upcoming release Southland Tales.

Apparently Kelly is going to take over helming duties on The Box, duties that were at one time those of Hostel director Eli Roth, but with Hostel 2 in the works and Stephen King’s Cell to follow that Roth dropped off and handed the reigns to Kelly.

The two penned the script together and JoBlo brings us the IMDB synopsis as follows:

A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a troubled married couple, who open it and become instantly wealthy. Little do they realize that opening the box also kills someone they do not know.

The plot is a bit ambiguous, but I can see where this one may be going and with Kelly at the helm it could et pretty twisted. We’ll have to wait and see.

Southland Tales hits theaters later this year.

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