CON 2006: First Comic-Con Galleries Go Up!


Okay, so the first thing I learned about myself this weekend was that I am not a very good photographer when it comes to taking pictures and then rushing off to interviews and then swinging over to panels and then trying to figure out when I am going to have my one unhealthy meal of the day. That said, I bring you the first 42 pictures from Comic-Con as I have uploaded two galleries of images.

The first gallery is a small one as it contains the four teaser posters from TMNT (aka Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) of which I also just posted an interview with director Kevin Monroe, check that out here. Also, someone please tell me why it has to be called TMNT and not just Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have a feeling that “aka” statement is going to appear in many articles to come. Check it out right here.

The second gallery contains 38 images and is a bunch of pictures taken from the Comic-Con floor including posters, a lego Batman, a cool poster of the Joker that actually looks a bit like Heath Ledger (go figure), a cool look at a Saw III teaser poster and much more. So don’t delay, check that one out here.

Also, stay tuned, I have an extremely busy day tomorrow, but Sunday looks to be much more clear and I hope to bring you a lot more pics.


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