CON 2006: A Chat with the Stars and Filmmakers of ‘Saw III’


Even though I unfortunately missed the special showing of the first few minutes of Saw III, which apparently shows someone tied up and they have to rip themselves out of a trap inorder to try and stop a bomb from blowing themselves up (highlight to read the spoiler) I did get a chance to talk to the cast and the filmmakers of the flick.

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out our gallery of images from the Comic-Con floor yet you are going to be sure to want to check out the latest teaser poster for the Saw franchise that is sure to be denied by the MPAA here and here.

As for the interview I got to chat with Shawnee Smith (Amanda), Tobin Bell (JigSaw), Oren Koules (Producer), Darren Bousman (Director) and Leigh Whannell (star of the first Saw film and writer of Saw, Saw II and Saw III).

CLICK HERE to check out the full interview!

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