Ledger to Play the Joker?


UPDATE: While here at the Con I have heard from several people that the story of Heath Ledger as Joker is confirmed and it should not be taken as rumor. This is to say he has been offered the part.

Considering the boys at LatinoReview don’t ever joke around when it comes to scoops I am assuming this to be true even though I am having a hard time believing it…

Keeping with tradition, the site is once again dropping a big name, just as they did with Brandon Routh when he was cast as Superman, word out of the Latino camp is that Heath Ledger has officially been offered the role as The Joker in the upcoming sequel to Batman Begins!

Yeah, not lying… here is how it read on LR:

Now here we are at it again as we just got word from A VERY TRUSTED SOURCE that the offer last night was officially made to Heath Ledger to star as The Joker in the Batman Begins Sequel!

Could it be true? You know, being here at Comic-Con and having this scoop come out can only lead me to believe that it will be confirmed soon if it is… stay tuned.

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