Buena Vista Blu-ray Discs Announced


Buena Vista Home Entertainment announced their initial slate of Blu-ray disc releases today, which will come in two waves, the first being on September 19 and the second arriving in stores on October 17. The two lists contain no new titles as it seems BVHE is testing the waters much like the other studios to see what genres spark the most interest.

At launch, BVHE’s Blu-ray titles will feature advanced new menus offering seamless navigation and settings while the movie is still playing; dynamic and unparalleled, high-definition picture; new layering coating technology which provides a scratch resistance surface; and new sleek packaging. Other Disney Blu-ray feature technologies being developed include unparalleled interactive features; personalized chapter selections; and compelling online content, including web connectivity, which will allow users to connect to live events hosted by the studio and more.

Along with the announcement we have also received our first look at BVHE Blu-ray disc art and a couple of menu shots, all of which are located at the end of this article following the list of releases. Each release has been added to the database and our release calendar so enjoy!



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