Foxx and Kings Find ‘Power of Duff’


Variety is reporting that Jamie Foxx and his managers Jaime Rucker King and Marcus King have signed on to produce and develop Universal’s The Power of Duff with Mark Platt.

News of the film first hit the trades back in March 2005 when Ron Howard and Russell Crowe were attached to be directing and starring respectively, but since that time Crowe and Howard have moved to other projects.

As of right now Foxx is only aboard as a producer but apparently there is a chance of him starring in the film. If Foxx so decides to take the role he would be playing a TV news anchor whose grief over his father’s death prompts him to pray aloud during newscasts. When his prayers begin getting answered, the newsman becomes a most controversial TV figure.

For now you can catch Jamie in Miami Vice on July 28.

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