Laremy’s Opinion On Depp Important?


Looks like Laremy’s opinion is considered important as USA Today has published an article titled “Crazy for Johnny, or Captain Jack?” and used a quote from our very own Laremy Legel. The article is pretty straight forward as it asks whether or not the craze for Pirates of the Caribbean has more to do with Johnny Depp or the character Captain Jack Sparrow.

Laremy’s quote reads as follows:

I am a fan because he generally chooses interesting roles. They don’t always work out, but I like the effort, at least. I didn’t rent any Depp movies this weekend because Captain Jack Sparrow is his best character and I’d already seen that a couple times during the weekend.”

Not exactly prolific and unfortunately no mention of Rope, but USA Today published our boy so we have to give a shout out. To read the entire article click here.

Oddly enough, I argued this with a friend recently as we discussed The Libertine and bankable actors and actresses. Is Johnny Depp a bankable actor? Does his presence in a film mean the movie is going to do dollars?

Based on the $4.8 million The Libertine brought in I am not so sure, but the largest reason I enjoyed The Libertine was Depp’s performance, so go figure.

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