Duncan Has Some ‘Daredevil 2’ Ideas


For all the bad press and bad reviews Daredevil received it still brought home over $100 million at the box-office. Like it or not, I call that a success. There have long been rumors about a possible sequel and we already endured the alternatively unsuccessful Elektra spin-off, so are we going to see a Daredevil 2?

Well, it sounds like Michael Clarke Duncan is up for it, but he is not up for putting back on the 90 extra pounds he has lost since he played the notorious Kingpin. In an interview with LatinoReview Duncan talks about the possibility of the sequel and where he would like to see his character go, here is a snippet:

Well I had thought what would be kind of cool that we see him in jail, we see him in prison, we see him… you start from the end of Daredevil, before the sirens and Daredevil is gone and you see the Kingpin in shackles you see him going to prison you see him getting locked up and you see his boys sitting there saying, ‘Well what are you going to do now?’ And he just starts to think ‘I need to train, I need to get better, I need to get quicker,’ and the next you know going with the story you flash back to the Kingpin doing pull-ups, running sprints and I’d be slimmer because I his mind he probably figures ‘Hey, I lost cause I was so big, had I been a little quicker I would have kicked Daredevil’s behind.’ So then you see him getting out of prison now you got this (to himself since he is a lot slimmer now) looking nice and everything, and you take it from there. That’s what I see.

I don’t know, I guess it could work. I think we can all agree Michael Clarke Duncan at either 360 pounds or 270 pounds is intimidating, that is when he isn’t grinning that infectious grin.

In other Duncan news, he was never reported as being in the upcoming Michael Bay directed Transformers film, but he was rumored to be involved. In the same LatinoReview interview he set the record straight saying he is indeed not in the film, but it isn’t because he didn’t want to be. Duncan tells the site the following:

You know what and I hate to tell you this, but I am not in “Transformers”. I am so mad that I have to tell you that, but something happened and we didn’t get the deal done and I was really hurt about that, because my friend Michael Bay is directing and he’s like to me, one of the top action directors ever. I love working on his movies. I did two movies with him, Armageddon and The Island, and he has a certain way of directing but it was something that we did not get done that I felt bad about because I watched “Transformers”.

I was supposed to be the Navy Seal guy taking my team in against the Transformers. Man, that is like heaven! To dream that you head up a SEAL team to go against the Transformers? Oh my God, I said, “Michael, we got to do something”, but we just didn’t. It didn’t work out and I told him that I will be in there (the theater) that day, the second that movie opens, I will be in there because I’m an action freak like that.

To get the rest of the interview click here and be sure to check out Michael Clarke Duncan in Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby on August 4.

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