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David Goyer has done well for himself when it comes to superheroes and in an interview with TV Guide concerning his latest venture, Spike TV’s “Blade: The Series,” he spilled the beans on a few of the feature film projects he is working on including The Flash, The Invisible and even a miniscule update on the sequel to Batman Begins.

Here is a snippet: You’re a real go-to action-movie guy these days. What are some of the projects you’re working on?
Goyer: I’m actually trying to slow things down a little. I’m finishing up a feature I directed for Disney, The Invisible, which will be out in 2007. It’s a bit different for me, being a teen melodrama, but because I’m David Goyer there’s a little bit of [the] supernatural in it. The closest I can come [to describing it is as] sort of a combination of Romeo and Juliet, Ghost and The Sixth Sense. It’s about a kid sort of in limbo. Your film fans and comic fans would love to know what’s happening with The Flash.
Goyer: I just turned in the script. I’m revising it. Soon it will go into the studio proper. How about the Batman Begins sequel?
Goyer: [That] is in the works as well. [Director] Chris Nolan is editing The Prestige right now, and as soon as that is finished, we’re all talking about that going into much higher gear.

When asked if there will be anymore Blade feature films he answered much in the way we would expect saying, “It’s possible. But foremost I want to focus on the television show. New Line likes [Blade: Trinity‘s] Ryan and Jessica [Biel] a lot, if there is a fourth film.”

In other Goyer news a rumor has surfaced, which started in a forum post at Newsarama saying that during a Marvel panel at Charlotte’s Heroes Convention J. Michael Straczynski (creator of “Babylon 5”) noted that it had just been announced that David Goyer is writing a treatment for the Thor movie.

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