No Bana for ‘Hulk’ but Maybe Fraser?


What does it say about a film when only three years after the first film the follow-up is not really going to be a follow-up, it is going to be a remake? Well, that is apparently what is going on as rights to the next Incredible Hulk film, aptly named Incredible Hulk, takes its leave from Universal Pictures, which released 2003’s Hulk, and finds a home at Marvel’s new independent production house.

A scooper sent in some news to Cinescape regarding Eric Bana returning to play Bruce Banner and apparently he ain’t doing it as his contract was with Universal and Marvel is now looking for a replacement. Here is a snippet:

…Bana is definitely not doing it – his contract was with Universal, and so on – so they’re going to get a new Hulk. They’re not going to be auditioning, but merely ‘going out’ to names. Should’ve guessed. Apparently the following guys could be either in consideration or in talks for the role : Dominic Purcell, Brendan Fraser, Adam Garcia. Typical bunch of names, if you ask me.”

Incredible Hulk was last rumored to be looking at a 2008 release, and not too long ago Avi Arad mentioned that the baddie for the pic would be Abomination.

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