The ‘Wolverine’ Script Review


I am honestly surprised this script is out, but not surprised that LatinoReview got their hands on it considering they somehow manage to get their hands on all the hot scripts in Hollywood. So, when both Kellvin and El Mayimbe himself dropped me a line saying the “El Almighty Mayimbe” had posted his review of the Wolverine I had to head on over to get the verdict.

So what is the verdict? Quite simply it is in his second paragraph: “…the script kicks ass bub!”

Maybe there is a reason Fox is possibly pushing for a 2007 release for this film, that is if Mayimbe’s opinion of David Benioff’s script is spot on. Unfortunately we have since learned that the film, in all likelihood, won’t make it to theaters till 2008 due to Hugh Jackman‘s schedule, but that doesn’t stop us from looking forward to it now does it?

Mayimbe does go into detail about the script but I think the best sentence of the review is the one that adds the most confidence in his opinion, “The structure is there, the beats are there, the plot is there and it works. The script flows well and is very organic.” This is the most important part of any script aside from dialogue and it is good to hear Benioff seems to have this taken care of.

Wolverine will be a prequel, giving us back story on the famed comic book character that has become many a fan favorite since the release of the X-Men films. Mayimbe tells us that this is about Logan and the Weapon X program and for you fans of the comic he also says that there is “no Frank Miller samurai stuff but yes we see Logan back in Vietnam.”

Now, I am not a fan of reading what actually happens in the movie, so I skipped that stuff (you can go ahead and spoil it on your own), but my attention was grabbed by this little nugget telling us what mutants and other characters we will find in the film:

  • ¨ Logan’s buddy from back in his military days JOHN WRAITH.
    ¨ BARBARUS a brutally muscled mutant with four arms, all sleeved in tattoos.

Mayimbe ends his review saying:

This one stands well on its own and leaves it open for sequels. My biggest treat so far in scripts this year has been reading the Transformers and now Wolverine. David Benioff is a very good writer and he did his homework and earned his paycheck. He found a way to balance and make the comic and movie counterparts tie in together in an organic way.

To get the full opinion just click here, but there are story details so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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