Bloom and Bosworth Endure ‘Seasons of Dust’


Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth are set to dominate the box-office over the course of the coming month as Bloom hits theaters with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Bosworth plays Lois Lane in a little film called Superman Returns… Heard of either of those?

Well, not only are the two going to be the talk of the summer they are also real-life boyfriend and girlfriends and will take that love to the big screen in a manner of speaking.

Production Weekly tells us that Bloom and Bosworth are set to star in the indie drama Seasons of Dust for director Tim Blake Nelson.

The synopsis of the film as given by the site goes like this:

In the dog days of the Great Depression, Janey (Bosworth) takes refuges with a farm family after her grandfather’s suicide. But when the son tries to rape her, she injures him badly. Not knowing if he is alive or dead, Janey flees, and ultimately takes up with Ricky (Bloom), a dashing crook who is also on the lam. With the law and two hired hit-men hot on their trail, Janey and Ricky engage in a frantic cross-country odyssey, trying to stay one step ahead of their determined pursuers. But it’s a journey that seems destined to end in tragedy.

Filming is scheduled to begin mid-July in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

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