Box-Office Wrap-Up: June 23 – June 25


#1 movie predicted correctly: One Week In A Row

1. Click
(My rank:#1, $3.3m Off)
I imagine this will have a huge drop off as word of stink spreads. People who liked
it are stupid and stupid folks can’t have that many friends, unless they run in big
stupid packs somewhere in the Mojave.

2. Cars
(My rank:#2, $3.5m Off)

$3m under on Click and this one. That’s about 400 thousand tickets I’m
missing. I’m going to start by looking in New York. Tons of people there.

3. Nacho
(My rank:#3, $1.0m Off)

I oracled a 55 percent dropoff due to the oddness of the film and I was damn close.
It’s strange but only the worst and best films get huge variances from the 50
percent rule. Somehow this restores my faith in the general public because while
they can’t really judge the grade B to D films they are pretty good at coming to a
consensus on the great and awful.

4. Waist Deep
(My rank:#7, $5.4m Off)

I really missed the boat on this one. I forgot that black America is so starved for
topical film that week one is always strong. Week two will tell you if this one is
a keeper (I’m still betting it’s not based on Brad’s review).

5. The Fast and the
Furious: Tokyo Drift
(My rank:#4, $3.9m Off)

This one on the other hand I’ve done nothing but overestimate. I thought America
was into fast cars and covered up women. It’s a fun summer romp! Tell me you’re
not waiting for the “chick flick” Superman Returns. And lest you think I’m
lashing out without knowledge that’s a description from Singer himself.

6. The Lake
(My rank:#5, $2.9m Off)

A very nice second week showing from this one especially given the reviews. I think
this may be one of those critically reviled films that finds a soft spot with Jane

7. The
(My rank:#6, $1.7m Off)

The Oracle continues to be fiscally conservative this week. It’s starting to look
like Vince could pick anything for his next project and have it find success.

8. Garfield: A Tail
of Two Kitties
(My rank:#9, $2.1m Off)

I almost want to find someone who saw this to figure out who the hell the second
kitty was. I vaguely remember a kitten from the comic strip. Maybe Nermal was his
name? Wait, I think that was a gremlin.

9. X-Men: The Last
(My rank:#8, $1.3m Off)

Why would they even give in to Storm’s request for more screentime? Didn’t they
notice she didn’t add much whenever she was part of the story?

10. The Da Vinci
(My rank:#10, $2.0m Off)

So this is our last hurrah with this one. It stands at $684m worldwide with the DVD
yet to come. That’s not chump change. I’d say a sequel is pretty much a mortal


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