Zombie Reveals New ‘Halloween’ Film Details


A little over two weeks ago we learned that Dimension Films had tapped Rob Zombie to write, direct and produce a brand new vision of the classic John Carpenter horror Halloween. However, all we got as far as a synopsis on the film was as follows:

Zombie’s vision of this film is an entirely new take on the legend and will satisfy fans of the classic Halloween legacy while beginning a new chapter in the Michael Myers saga. This new movie will not only appeal to horror fans, but to a wider movie-going audience as well. It will not be a copycat of any prior films in the Halloween franchise.

Not exactly revealing…

Well, while a new interview out of HalloweenMovies.com isn’t exactly any more “revealing” it is, however, interesting to hear a little more about “Zombie’s vision.” Here is a snippet:

QUESTION: Can you please clarify what you mean when you say you are “not making a sequel” and that your Halloween will be a “re-imagining” of the series? Isn’t that just another word for “remake”?

RZ: Well, sort of. I am basically making a prequel and a semi-remake of the first film all in one. So really in theory there will be more original content than remake content. That’s why I don’t like the word “remake.”

QUESTION: For the next film, are you planning to maybe go into what Michael’s childhood was like and how and why he became the serial killer he is? Is it at least going to take place in 1978?

RZ: Yes, I think this aspect of the story is very important in order to bring new life to the character of Michael Myers. The film begins in 1978.

There are plenty more good questions and answers including queries such as: “Why touch a classic like Halloween? Why would you even risk this?”, “What is the title of the next movie, and are you finished with the script yet?” and “Are you you planning on using any previous characters from the first 8 films?” To read the full interview click here, it truly is a good read.

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