ROS v2.0: New RopeofSilicon Coming Fall 2006


Hello to all of you that have helped make what it has become. It is you that I hope will help as RopeofSilicon is on its way into a new phase of its existence. Something I have dubbed v2.0.

Normally I wouldn’t post an article or a notice like this but it is going to be quite a drastic change in design and functionality and I want to make sure that nothing is overlooked.

The new design is aimed at making your visit to RopeofSilicon better on every level, primarily giving you a chance to find what you want and are most interested in much faster. It will also allow us to bring you the latest updates quicker than ever before.

But this article isn’t about what I have planned, it is about asking you what you want and what you like most about the site so that your favorite sections aren’t lost and what new features you would most like to see are given our full attention. If you want something improved or if there is something you don’t like at all let us know!

Everything mentioned will be taken into consideration so don’t hold back.

To send in your suggestion just click here to visit the Contact Page.

There will be future updates keeping you up-to-date on the progress and to continue to ask for suggestions as we near the launch in Fall 2006 so stay tuned. Along the way we may also ask those of you that email in to check out the new site in advance to give us your honest input.

So, keep the comments coming in. Every little bit helps, and after all, we are doing this for you!

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