Lucas Wants Connery for ‘Indy 4’


George Lucas is still rappin’ and flappin’ about another Indiana Jones feature as this time he told “Access Hollywood” that he is pushing for Sean Connery to make an appearance in Indiana Jones IV.

Reports have said that Connery has retired from acting, but that isn’t stopping Lucas from his pursuit. He told AH, “I would love him to be in the next ‘Indiana Jones’… maybe I can push him into it.”

Lucas was then asked if Connery wanted to be in the film, “I think he does.” He then jokingly said, “We are writing him in whether he wants to do it or not.”

I have a feeling that is more than a joke. There is most likely a “Sean Script” and a “Non-Sean Script” lying around somewhere.

Connery played Indy’s father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade back in 1989.

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