Gruffud Talks ‘Fantastic Four 2’


It seems Jessica Alba opening up a bit about the upcoming Fantastic Four 2 has prompted another Fantastic Four cast member to open up a bit as Ioan Gruffudd mentions how he heard Alba talking about the flick to

“I have not seen the script or read it. I don’t know exactly what the story line is. I know Jessica Alba has been talking about it quite a bit and I believe that the premise is Silver Surfer is the new character that comes into it,” he told the site.

Gruffudd then set the record straight on Dr. Doom — Julian McMahon, who played the character in the first film, will be back too. “I’m sure he’ll be just as ambiguous. Is he on our side or isn’t he?”

Gruffudd does talk a bit more about his experience on the first film and his excitement for a second, click here for the rest of the interview.

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